Offering Therapy to Individuals, Children, Couples & Families

How We Can Help


    Situational or chronic depression and anxiety

    Social anxiety

    Posttraumatic stress

    Healing from abuse and neglect

    Eating disorders

    Relationship skills

    Career counseling

    Life transitions

    Grief and Loss


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Family Issues

    Parental leadership

    Child-rearing and healthy discipline

    Sibling rivalry

    Healthy integration for blended and step-families

    Developmental challenges


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Children's Issues

    Emotional disturbances

    Behavioral disturbances

    Learning problems

    Peer group issues



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Couples' Issues

    Premarital counseling

    Marriage therapy

    Marriage enrichment

    Marital communication skills

    Divorce and remarriage issues

    Sexuality and sexual functioning


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Evaluation and Consultation Services

    Psychological evaluations for academic problems & learning disabilities

    Psychological evaluations for college students and adults

    ADHD evaluation